MONDAY – FRIDAY; 6:00AM – 6:00PM

Don’t let your fur baby miss out!  Dogs absolutely love Kyalami Doggy Daycare. We ensure that your dogs get the necessary exercise (lead walks), stimulation, play time, interaction, rest and love that they need!

Our managers are trained in animal behaviour and have the skills necessary to take great care of your dogs! Our dog care givers and walkers are special needs young adults who have an amazing ability with animals!

So many dogs end up with behavioural problems because we are too busy to give them the attention that they need during the week. This is because of our busy Jo’burg lifestyle! At times the behavioural problems become so bad that owners feel forced to give their dogs away! Please don’t let this become a reality for you. Send your gorgeous dog to Kyalami Doggy Daycare instead!

If you have a puppy or very old dog we can give them the extra love and support that they require. We also offer vet visits where necessary.

In addition to daycare activities we offer the following:

Collection and Drop Off

Disease Management Programme

Emergency Medical Cover WHILST at Daycare (*T’s & C’s Apply)

Lodging (through our parent company, SA Dog Wellness Centre)

Grooming (through our parent company, SA Dog Wellness Centre)

Training & Behaviour Consulting (through our parent company, SA Dog Wellness Centre)

Dog Food & Merchandise (through our parent company, SA Dog Wellness Centre)

We look forward to meeting your fur baby SOON!

* Please contact Tamara Coumbis via email for details pertaining to daycare medical cover